A veteran has sparked controversy simply for asking to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Army Staff Sergeant Cory Schroeder, an undergrad at the University of Wyoming and an elected school senator, was told it would be offensive to international students to begin school meetings with the pledge.

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Schroeder, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now in the National Guard, appeared on Fox and Friends this morning. He said after announcing his Fox News appearance, school officials seemed more “motivated” to help him.

At a meeting yesterday, they offered to assist Schroeder in drafting legislation that would change the order of business at meetings.

Brian Kilmeade asked why it’s so complicated to do something that seems like a no-brainer.

“My thoughts exactly, sir,” Schroeder said. “It takes 15, maybe 20 seconds to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I don’t think that that timeframe of something should be written on the order of business. We don’t need that on the agenda, we just give the opportunity to say it.”

The vet said the issue is important to not only him, but many Americans who were raised to love their country and serve.

“It’s extremely important to me, and I feel like it’s a small gesture for them to let me recite the Pledge of Allegiance … and give the opportunity for others,” Schroeder said.

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