President Obama has based his foreign policy on issues including closing Gitmo, ending the war in Iraq, winding down operations in Afghanistan, and the notion that “Al Qaeda is on the path to defeat.”

In the past few weeks, major cities and an oil refinery in Iraq have fallen into the hands of ISIS militants. Now, the United States is contemplating a partnership with Iran to counter the militants.

Eric Bolling said the best way to handle the crisis is to become completely independent from Middle Eastern oil. “Just frack on federal lands, drill offshore and open the Keystone pipeline. One, two, three and we are done with those cockroaches forever.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle pushed back, calling it “naïve” to think the U.S. could decide to be done with the Middle East. “They have bigger goals and agendas which they are actually achieving at a rapid pace because the U.S. sits back and waits.”

Dana Perino agreed that all options should be on the table when it comes to energy. However, she said we can’t ignore the fact that terrorists want to destroy the Western way of life. Perino surmised that there are no good options, but that we’re running out of time to exercise any that the U.S. may have.  

“The American president sometimes has to tell the American people what they do not want to hear,” Perino said. “I am willing to be led by the president; I just would like to know where we are going.”