Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is calling for Benghazi terror suspect Ahmed Abu Khatallah to be held in Gitmo. Instead, Khatallah is on a Navy ship on his way to the United States.

"Instead of a slow boat to New York, he ought to be on a fast plane to Gitmo," Graham told Greta Van Susteren.

“We’re fighting a war, not a crime,” Graham said. “The guy didn’t steal a car, I don’t want a history lesson on Ansar al-Sharia. I’d like to hold him for months, if not years, to find out what he knows about future attacks, how Benghazi unfolded. You’re gathering intelligence to win a war. Obama is fighting a crime; I’m trying to fight a war.”

Graham also said the situation in Iraq breaks his heart and that all it would have taken to keep things in a good place would have been “a residual force and some hand holding."

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He warned, “We’re on the verge of losing the war in Iraq,” and he said Afghanistan could be next.

“This president’s foreign policy is making the world a much more dangerous place, and we’re far more likely to get attacked after Barack Obama became president than we were before,” he said.

Hear his interview above.

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