Former Attorney General Hon. Michael Mukasey sat down with Bill Hemmer this morning to assess the Obama administration's strategy for getting intelligence from Benghazi attack suspect Ahmed Abu Khatallah. On Tuesday, Fox News learned that Khatallah had been captured by U.S. forces on Sunday and is now being held on a Navy ship that is moving slowly toward the U.S.

Criminal charges are expected to be filed against Khatallah in federal court, but Mukasey believes the most important thing is getting more information from Khatallah about the others who killed four Americans in Benghazi.

"He ought to be on that ship for as long as it takes," said Mukasey, adding that some Guantanamo detainees took years before they divulged valuable intelligence.

He expressed concern that the "relatively curtailed interrogation session" of Khatallah is not a wise strategy.

"They should interrogate him and get as much information as they can, then send in a clean team that will read him his Miranda rights. Often people will be quiet as soon as they are told they are entitled to the have a lawyer," said Mukasey.

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