A nine-year-old basketball phenom joined Bill Hemmer this morning after making national headlines by drawing interest from the University of Miami. Jaden Newman's YouTube highlight reel has almost 1 million views, since it shows her dribbling circles around girls nearly twice her age.

Watch Kilmeade Go One-on-One With Seven-Foot-Five High Schooler!

Jaden, at four-foot-seven, is the starting varsity point guard for Downey Christian School in Orlando, averaging an unbelievable 14.8 points and 7.5 assists this past season. Jamie Newman, her dad and coach, said this morning he knew his daughter was something special at age four, when she could dribble two balls at once and make regulation baskets with a regulation-size ball.

He said his daughter is thinking she'd like to play for the national champion UConn women's team, but conceded that "a lot can happen in nine years."

Hemmer asked her what it's like to do so well against much older high school girls.

"It's fun. You get to, like, cross people over, make them fall and everyone is like, 'Oooohhh,'" she said to some laughs.

Watch the full interview above, and Jaden's jaw-dropping highlight reel below:

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