In Bret Baier’s interview with Hillary Clinton last night, he asked her, “Why [was] the State Department telling the Libyans, the Libyan ambassador, it was Ansar al-Sharia, and yet telling the American people at the same time it was this video?”

“Well, Bret, I think that you have to take both ideas at the same time. I don’t know anybody who was saying it is only the video now, but I think at the time, there was a lot of information flowing around that we were trying to assess that at least it played a part,” she responded.

“That’s known as a flail,” Charles Krauthammer said of her answer. “She had no answer to that, it was a pointed question.”

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Krauthammer said we know that the talk of the video was a false narrative, and he called that response the weakest moment in her interview.

Hear more of what he had to say above.

Krauthammer and the panel also discussed Iraq. Hear about that in the video below.

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