Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), joined Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning to weigh in on the missing Lois Lerner emails and detail what his committee plans to do in response. The chairman of the House Oversight Committee, which has held numerous hearings on the IRS' targeting of conservative groups, questioned how these two years worth of crucial emails could have been lost in a computer crash.

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"They’re located on servers that are either continuously backed up or backed up at least nightly. We believe these e-mails could be found. Unless, in fact, the IRS and Lois Lerner have made sure they can't be found," said Issa, adding he expects forensic investigators will be able to recover them.

Issa called out IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, arguing that he knew that the emails were lost and has failed to tell the committee for months.

"We’re tired of, in fact, being misled or lied to. In this case, the American people clearly were targeted for their belief and their free speech by a president and an IRS who disagreed with a Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. That’s at the core of all this. The e-mails we have, Elisabeth, show that, in fact, these people were trying to overturn a Supreme Court decision and target conservative groups because they don’t like what conservatives say," said Issa.

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Hasselbeck asked what will happen next if Lerner never testifies and the committee never gets these emails.

Issa said he fully expects the Justice Department to pursue a perjury case against Lerner. He said it may not happen until after 2016, since Attorney General Eric Holder "seems to have no stomach for going after friends of the president."

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