In 2011, Glenn Beck warned that Islamic extremists in the Middle East wanted to build an Islamic state ruled by strict Sharia Law. Today, we are watching that prediction come true as an al Qaeda offshoot consolidates its gains in Iraq and Syria.

Tonight, Beck told Megyn Kelly that he’s “really bummed” that he’s right about his caliphate predictions.

“If, God forbid, Iraq is lost and Iran is brought into this and it is a caliphate, you’re gonna see a civil war in the Middle East, and that is going to be bloodshed like you can’t even imagine,” he said. “And we should be nowhere near it.”

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Beck said oil will end up dragging us into Middle East conflict, which is why the president should be ensuring that we are energy independent.

He also admitted that he was wrong about the war in Iraq and said liberals were right.

“I’m not willing to spend any more treasure – we’ve spent $2 trillion, how many lives have been lost? You are never going to bring freedom there, you’re never going to do it. They have to want it themselves.”

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