A San Francisco Giants fan made the catch of the year (among fans anyway) and it came on Father's Day! Rob Winner, a California fire captain, was returning to his seat after taking his young son to the bathroom at AT&T Park.

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As he came out of the tunnel, a home run off the bat of Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki sailed over the left field fence. Barely breaking stride, and while holding his son in his right arm, Winner reached up and snagged the ball with his left hand. Didn't even bobble it.

Winner, along with his wife Lindsay and one-year-old son Thomas, joined Fox and Friends this morning to discuss the amazing grab.

He explained that Tulowitzki actually wanted the ball to give to his son on his first Father's Day, so the family got to go down and trade it for an autographed ball.

Rob said in the end, it's really all about making memories for the family and their young son.

"It’s going to be a great story. Thomas is only one right now so he had no idea what was going on. But we’ve got the video and we got a ball that we’ll be able to show him and hopefully it will be a great memory for him and our family as he gets older," said Winner, who explained that he had never had a ball hit to him.

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