Greta Van Susteren asked Hillary Clinton tonight about the controversial Bergdahl swap and her remarks that the five freed Gitmo detainees are not a threat to the United States.

“As long as they’re in Qatar, they’re not a threat to the United States,” Clinton said.

“Well, bin Laden was never in the United States,” Van Susteren countered.

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Clinton also said that she agreed with Van Susteren that the Taliban will try to take back territory when Afghanistan’s new president is sworn in.

“I worry particularly about the gains that have been made, the sacrifice that Americans made to enable those gains, particularly for women and girls. So this is a situation that is dangerous, that we have to keep watching," she said.

The former secretary of state also said that she does not believe Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is the person to lead Iraq.

Hear more in the video above.

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