After more than 19 months, an arrest has been made in connection with the Sept. 2012 attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. Jennifer Griffin reported from the Pentagon moments after the news broke.

She noted that Ahmed Abu Khatallah gave an interview to the New York Times and Fox News' Greg Palkot a month after the attack and has been known to U.S. authorities for a long time. She also noted that Khatallah allegedly appears on multiple videos of the Benghazi attack, appearing to be giving orders to the attackers.

Griffin described Khatallah as being unconcerned about being captured, saying he was often in plain sight in Benghazi, sipping lattes at a hotel there. The Pentagon has pushed back on that, claiming he has been moving around a lot and hiding.

On The Real Story today, radio host Larry O'Connor questioned the timing of the arrest, arguing it's not a coincidence that it comes right before Hillary Clinton is set to go on Fox News to take questions on Benghazi.

"The timing on this stinks, let's face it. Tonight Hillary Clinton for the very first time is going to get tough questions about Benghazi. We have known about this for three weeks ... and tonight when that interview hits there will be a twin narrative in the media. There will be the Hillary Clinton interview and there will be the capture of this terrorist and I don't think this is a coincidence. I think this was planned," said O'Connor.

Simon Rosenberg of the Democrat think tank NDN said everyone should be celebrating the capture, not criticizing, arguing arrests like this take time to materialize.

O'Connor said he agreed that U.S. Special Forces deserve praise, but ended by saying the capture has given the president "a narrative right when he needs it."

Watch the discussion above, and tune in tonight at 6:45p ET as Hillary Clinton sits down for a live, 30-minute interview on Fox News.