The hosts of “The Five” tonight discussed the missing Lois Lerner emails, as well as White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s response to skepticism: “You’ve never heard of a computer crashing before?”

Tech experts are skeptical that these emails are actually lost. Last night on “Special Report,” Ron Fournier said the White House’s response is an insult to his intelligence.

Judge Nap on Lerner Emails: Looks Like IRS Has Willfully Destroyed Evidence

Tonight, Dana Perino said the White House didn’t show the American people respect in its response.

Bob Beckel said the administration should have said it has backup of emails and will retrieve them.

"This is the worst administration in the history of America," Andrea Tantaros said, adding that the administration looks “like liars because they are.”

‘A High Crime, Not a Triviality’: Krauthammer Slams Admin for Lost Lerner Emails

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