Some great news shared this morning, as Heather Nauert reported that Sarah Murnaghan can now breathe on her own as she continues her recovery from a double lung transplant. You might remember Murnaghan's story, which was covered extensively over the past year by Peter Johnson Jr. on Fox and Friends.

It all started a year ago when the Murnaghan family contacted Fox News and other media outlets after she was denied a lung transplant due to a little-known federal policy on organ donations. As she suffered from cystic fibrosis, the government would not let Murnaghan onto an adult transplant list because she was not 12 years old.

After a lawsuit was filed, a judge made Sarah eligible for the transplant. Her condition worsened as she waited for a lung to become available, but the transplant was performed successfully last June.

Johnson was there in Pennsylvania when Murnaghan finally returned home in late August.

Now 11, Sarah has reached a major milestone, breathing on her own without a tube. Her mom posted the picture above on Facebook to announce the great news.

“This is the best one year anniversary picture I could ever imagine sending to you all,” Janet Murnaghan wrote. “Thank you to our many supporters whose voices helped make today possible.”

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