Michael Warren of the Weekly Standard called out President Obama for announcing this morning plans to create what could be the largest marine preserve in the world. The announcement comes as the violence in Iraq persists, and the White House reportedly mulls whether to send U.S. troops into the country to protect assets.

Bill Hemmer asked Warren about the curious timing of the announcement.

"We know the president doesn’t want to be in Iraq. That was part of his campaign promise in 2008, pulled out those forces in 2011. And this is something he’s proud of. He's wary of military involvement in Iraq and I think that he'd rather be talking about other things. That's just a fact, but this situation is not getting any better. He's going to have to deal with it," said Warren, adding that the world "doesn't care" what Obama would rather be talking about.

Warren believes putting U.S. troops on the ground is the best way to stabilize the situation, saying it's a regional crisis that extends all the way into Syria.

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