A U.S. Marine who saved a fellow soldier in Afghanistan by jumping on a live grenade is set to become the eight living recipient of the Medal of Honor for service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lance Cpl. William "Kyle" Carpenter, who lost his right eye and suffered many other injuries, discussed his heroic actions this morning with Martha MacCallum.

The attack occurred in Nov. 2010 in southern Afghanistan while he and another Marine, whom he calls his "best friend," were on a rooftop providing security for a nearby compound. They came under attack, and the next thing he remembers was waking up at Walter Reed Medical Center five or six weeks later.

He said the only solid memory he has is how it felt to get hit by the grenade and thinking he was going to die.

"I remember very vividly saying over and over that I’m not going to make it, I’m going to die. And the Marines and the corpsman that got to me very quickly and saved my life, they kept telling me the opposite and they really hung there with me and put me back together as best they could and got me on that Medevac flight to get to the hospital," Carpenter recalled.

His heroism saved the life of Lance Cpl. Nicholas Eufrazio. Like others before him, Carpenter said he doesn't feel like he did anything that he was not trained to do.

"I receive it with a heavy heart. It’s a huge honor and I’m very appreciative and I'm very humbled by it, but at the same time there is - not just from Iraq and Afghanistan, but previous wars since this country was founded -  there have been those who didn’t make it back and those who did make it back and had worse injuries than mine," he said, adding that with the spotlight on him he wants to focus attention on all the great things done by his fellow service members.

"Courageous things happen on the battlefield every day and all of us raise our right hand in the exact same way to serve our country."

Watch the full interview above, and tune in to Fox News Channel Thursday to see Carpenter receive the nation's highest military honor at the White House.