Twin tornadoes destroyed much of Pilger, Nebraska on Monday, killing a five-year-old and injuring over a dozen others.

In an emotional ‘Real Story’ interview, Gretchen Carlson spoke to Stanton County Commissioner Jerry Weatherholt about the devastation.  

Weatherholt, a retired farmer who lives about six miles west of Pilger, said half of the town is gone and another 30 percent is “beyond help.”

“I knew there was a problem, so I drove down and when I got here it was like a war zone. I could not believe what it looked like when I first saw it,” he said, adding, “I’m sorry I get kind of emotional about this, but it’s devastating.”

The town is beginning the cleanup process and residents are slowly being allowed back in to recover whatever they can.

“We’ll get it done and they’ll build it back. These people are strong,” Weatherholt said, fighting back tears. 

Watch the interview and learn more about twin tornadoes from Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean in the clip above.