Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer tonight discussed the crisis in Iraq and the president’s response.

“The Factor” host asked Krauthammer if it’s fair to say that Barack Obama is dithering.

“He’s dithered since the day he got in the office […] he is unsure, he’s been uncertain from the beginning, but he’s arrogant enough not to listen to advice,” Krauthammer responded.

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Krauthammer believes the U.S. must go into Syria to attack ISIS fighters.

“We cannot honor the border between Iraq and Syria,” he said. “It no longer exists in the real world.”

According to Krauthammer, Obama thinks that if we stay out, the world will leave us alone.

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“World stability hinges on American deterrence and power, and he never understood that, and now we are suffering the consequences,” he said.

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