Many are asking how the situation in Iraq has gotten so bad so quickly, and questioning why the White House appears to have been caught by surprise by ISIS militants overtaking city after city from the Iraqi army. Laura Ingraham said this morning that she sees a continual pattern with the Obama administration.

"They're always caught off guard. They're caught off guard by - oh we lost all these IRS emails. They're caught off guard by the Obamacare website going down. They're caught off guard on the border. Now they're caught off guard by ISIS. They're always caught off guard and it's always to the detriment of our economy or our security. And again, these are the supposed smart people," she said.

Ingraham criticized Obama for once again procrastinating on taking action against the ISIS militants.

"This is the most muddled confused narrative where we have our commander-in-chief last week telegraphing to ISIS that well, we're not going to have any decision anytime soon about military intervention so let me head off to Palm Springs for a fundraiser and some golf. You can't make this up. I think it's embarrassing for the country and very confusing to the voters and citizens of the United States," said Ingraham, adding that Obama seems "more comfortable" talking about global warming, like he did over the weekend in California.

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