In an interview with Hillary Clinton on Fox News Channel, Bret Baier pressed the former Secretary of State about previous remarks she made about taking responsibility after the Benghazi attack.

“What exactly were you taking responsibility for?” Baier questioned.

Clinton responded, “I took responsibility for being at the head of the State Department at that time. Now that doesn’t mean that I made every decision because I obviously did not. But it does mean that I feel very deeply and very personally about the losses that we incurred.”

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As for no one being held accountable in the State Department, Clinton said, “There’s a difference between getting it wrong and committing a wrong.”

She explained that the intelligence community’s information was that the attack was the result of spontaneous protests.

“At the time there was a lot of information flowing around. We were trying to sort things out, like who did what and when, and information kept changing,” Clinton said.

Baier asked Clinton if she has ever been disappointed by President Obama. Hear her answer above.

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