Greta Van Susteren asked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the IRS targeting controversy. Previously, President Obama has labeled it as a “phony scandal.”

“I think anytime the IRS is involved, for many people it’s a real scandal,” Clinton said, adding that there wasn’t a lot of evidence that it was deliberate.

Greta countered, “It’s really hard not to say it's deliberate when we find out we have two years of pertinent emails missing. So it would be almost irrational not be extremely suspicious.  […] I would say this is real to many Americans.”

Clinton said it needs to be investigated in a “fair and balanced” and bipartisan way.

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On NSA spying, Clinton acknowledged that she voted for some of the laws passed after 9/11 that are being contested now.

“People are saying wait a minute we did all of this […] in a hurry because we were understandably worried and scared. And now we need take a step back and figure out how we make sure that the balance between liberty and security is absolutely right for America.”

Going forward, she said Congress will try to balance America’s Fourth Amendment right and the necessity for information that can be connected to terrorist activity at home and abroad.

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Greta also asked Clinton about Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the Marine being held in a Mexican prison.

Clinton said, “I can tell you what I would be doing – burning up the telephone wires, sending envoys, not just our ambassador, but others coming in, talking to the highest level of Mexican officials, making it clear that this is really important to us.”

Watch the full clip above to hear what Clinton had to say about Sarah Palin and the attacks against women in politics.

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