Iraq is making headlines again as the region rapidly falls into the hands of militants. Sunday on Media Buzz, Brit Hume had a theory on why the mainstream media has ignored Iraq during Obama's presidency. 

Hume said, “This was a war that was thought to be George Bush’s war, and it was also thought to have been concluded.”

So did the media turn a blind eye to the troubling situation in Iraq? Fox News contributors Alan Colmes and James Pinkerton debated the issue on Happening Now.

Pinkerton noted that President Obama and Bush have been treated differently by the mainstream media.

“As Iraq is falling apart, the president is in California fundraising and talking about climate change of course, and playing golf,” he said, adding that Obama has reportedly played golf seven times more than Bush 43.

Colmes interjected, calling it an absurd argument. “It’s as if somehow Obama playing golf is related to what’s happening in Iraq, a war started by George W. Bush.”

Pinkerton pushed back, arguing that the media wanted to be out of Iraq and that the same thing will happen with Afghanistan.

“The main thing is,” he continued, “are the media demanding the president be a leader? What’s so palpable now is the feeling that the president has checked out. […] That’s the real story here, the president has already kind of tuned out of being president and wants to focus on […] building a post-presidential career.”

Colmes believes the media should hold the Obama administration and the intelligence community accountable for Iraq’s spiral downward. He went further, calling for an answer to what the United States won in Iraq.  

“Those questions have never been asked in the 12 […] years we’ve been a nation at war," Colmes said.