Pete Rose will be back in the dugout Monday night in Connecticut, taking the field for a one-night-only stint as manager of the Bridgeport Bluefish. The former Cincinnati Reds manager and all-time hits leader will be in the third base box during the game so fans can see him.

Rose, who was banned from Major League Baseball in 1989 and cannot be on the Hall of Fame ballot, joined Bill Hemmer this morning by phone, expressing the belief that he still has a chance to be reinstated to Major League Baseball.

He explained that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig was supportive of his managerial stint tonight.

After Hemmer asked him to make his case for reinstatement, Rose said he has paid a very heavy price over the last 25 years and is always speaking positively about baseball.

Rose believes he should at least be allowed to be on the Hall of Fame ballot, pointing out that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and others were linked to performance-enhancing drugs, but are still eligible.

"They have the opportunity every year to be voted on one way or the other. I've never had that opportunity," said Rose.

Watch the interview above, and let us know: is it time for MLB to give Rose a second chance?