The NCAA is dealing with several lawsuits involving college players over antitrust violations. But Fox Sports columnist Clay Travis thinks it’s the NFL and NBA eligibility rules that should be on the stand.

Asking why basketball and football players have to go to college, Travis wrote:

While the NCAA's presently on trial and the organization's definition of amateurism is a sham, a larger subject isn't on trial -- many of the top football and basketball players have issues with the NCAA not because of NCAA rules, but because of NFL and NBA eligibility rules. The NCAA doesn't force high school athletes to play college athletics in football and basketball, the professional sports leagues do. It's an important distinction that many fans and commentators miss.

Today on Outnumbered, Andrea Tantaros and Sandra Smith got into a heated debate over the topic.

Tantaros agreed with Travis that the eligibility requirement should be lifted.

She went on to speculate, “I think the leagues are in cahoots with the NCAA. The longer they’re in the NCAA and they’re playing college sports, the colleges are making millions and millions of dollars […] The NFL gets the benefit of having these players conditioned on a college field. They’re not really getting educations either, Sandra. They’re professional employees of these schools.”

Smith shot back, telling Tantaros she “drank the Kool-Aid.”

“I can’t disagree more,” Smith continued, “I went to a very football prominent school – LSU. And those Tiger athletes, they went to school every day and their athletic program was highly focused on scholastics.”

Watch the full debate above and hear what today's #oneluckyguy, Brian Kilmeade, had to say about the hotly contested topic.