Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, was on “The Kelly File” to discuss the Sudanese mother-of-two who was sentenced to death for her faith.

Meriam Ibrahim has been sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging for her Christian faith. She just gave birth to her second child while in prison, and her nearly 2-year-old son is there, too. Both children are American citizens.

“The clock is ticking,” Perkins said, adding that one infant per day dies in that prison, according to the U.N.

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“All she was doing was exercising a human right to choose her religion as a Christian,” he said.

Perkins said the Sudanese ambassador to America said that Sudanese officials would be willing to speak with national religious leaders. Perkins has reached out and said he would be willing to do so.

Watch his full interview above.

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