A Hollywood star is honoring his dad this Father’s Day in an amazing way.

Robert De Niro is keeping his dad’s work alive with a showing of his paintings in New York City.

“He did a lot of wonderful stuff that I want to be recognized and seen,” the actor said of his father, Robert De Niro, Sr.

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De Niro made a documentary about his father’s life, called “Remembering the Artist,” which is now playing on HBO.

The artist’s early success was overshadowed by abstract expressionism and pop art. He left his family when he could no longer deny his homosexuality.

While De Niro said his father was absent for most of his childhood, he said he never doubted that his dad loved him.

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De Niro, Sr. died in 1993 at the age of 71. His son has kept his studio unchanged ever since.

“I kept it as a reminder, a real reminder, a tangible reminder of who he was for my kids and my grandkids,” he said.

Watch more in the video above.