Two Texas teens who were born as conjoined twins just graduated high school as co-valedictorians.

Emily and Caitlin Copeland, 18, recently graduated from Lutheran High North in Houston. The Copeland sisters were the first case of conjoined twins at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, where doctors did everything they could to deliver them safely. They were fused at the chest, liver and bile ducts, but luckily did not share a heart, so doctors were able to successfully separate them at 10 months.

The twins were on “Fox and Friends” to discuss their success. The competitive twins said they always ended up picking the same classes, so around junior year, they realized that they could probably tie for valedictorian. Once they realized that, the Copeland sisters made sure that they had all the same classes every semester after that with the hope that they would graduate co-valedictorians together.

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The twins said they were proud and glad to be able to do that one last thing together before college.

For the first time, the two will separate, with Emily going to the University of Houston to study event planning and Caitlin heading to Concordia University in Austin to work toward becoming a Lutheran school teacher.

Watch their interview on “Fox and Friends” above.

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