Glenn Beck, founder of The Blaze, sat down with Sean Hannity for a wide-ranging interview, including on the labeling of the right wing as "extremists." Beck noted that Nancy Pelosi was the one who first labeled Tea Party members and small government conservatives as "extreme right."

Beck and Hannity agreed that the husband and wife who killed three people, including two cops, in Las Vegas last weekend are the real extremists, along with other white supremacists.

"They claim they are on, you know, our side, small government. No, no, no, they're Nazis. You can't be a Nazi and a small government guy. That doesn't work. You’re a Socialist, a national Socialist, and on the other side is the Communist. Those are your fringe elements. Everybody else is pretty much in the middle and pretty much everybody wants to get along," Beck argued.

Hannity said he, along with Beck, also gets called an "extremist" all the time. He explained that he wants a balanced budget, energy independence, a secure border, choice in education, and a replacement for ObamaCare, and asked Beck whether those were political extremes.

Hannity asked why his list cannot be accomplished by the leaders in Washington.

"Because we’re dealing with people who want power," said Beck.

"They've so deluded themselves that they believe that their party and their position is what's going to fix America. Ronald Reagan, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln knew: trust the people. The people will fix these problems.So what we’re doing is we're watching two groups of people fight for power and they're using us and pitting us against each other when the average person [says] just leave me alone," Beck said.

The two discussed Iraq and the GOP in the video above, and in the segment below they took on Common Core.