President Obama addressed the growing problem in Iraq on the White House lawn today, telling Iraq’s leaders that “this should be a wake-up call” and to “solve their problems.”

Outnumbered co-hosts Harris Faulkner, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Heather Childers, Katie Pavlich and today’s #OneLuckyGuy, chief White House correspondent Ed Henry, commented on the president’s address.

Obama emphasized that he will not be sending U.S. troops back into combat in Iraq, and that he will be reviewing alternative options with his national security team in the coming days.

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Henry noted that Obama seemed “very cautious” and went on to say that even before the president makes a decision, this Islamic terrorist group (ISIL) may already be in Baghdad. “This is a dire situation,” Henry said.

The ISIL is an offshoot of al Qaeda and their tactics are even more dangerous.

Kimberly Guilfoyle said “it has become so apparent that Obama’s lack of military experience or understanding of modern warfare has really put the United States at peril.”

Co-host Katie Pavlich said that the Obama administration is “making a huge mistake” by underestimating just how powerful this army of terrorists is. “They’re highly sophisticated, they have weaponry, they’re willing to get rid of anyone in their way…”

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