New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made an appearance on The Tonight Show last night, where he talked “hypothetical” presidential politics with Jimmy Fallon. So when Fallon asked about a “hypothetical” presidential matchup with Hillary Clinton and if Christie thought he could “hypothetically” win, his response?

“Hypothetically? You bet!”

WATCH: Gov. Christie Joins Fallon in Dad-Inspired Dance Routine

But radio show host Richard Fowler told Arthel Neville on America’s Newsroom this morning that Christie cannot take on Clinton because “he’ll have a hard time" in the Republican primary” and “winning in southern and far right states.” And beyond that, Fowler said “he has to deal with his own controversies like Bridgegate.”

Guy Benson, political editor of, said that “Christie’s numbers have stabilized in New Jersey and there has been absolutely no evidence contradicting what he has asserted all along” in regards to Bridgegate.

“No one’s disputing, or I’m certainly not going to dispute, that Hillary Clinton is the front runner in the 2016 race so far, but as she learned in 2008 that status is not permanent necessarily, and we’re two and a half years away,” Benson said.

Both Fowler and Benson said Christie needs to continue to build a personality for himself, connect with more people and engage in the culture, because “the American people will want to relate to someone before they vote for them for president.”

Watch the full interview from America’s Newsroom and check out the clip of Christie and Fallon dancing together! 

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