An Indiana woman arrested for a misdemeanor is accusing police of excessive force after she was stripped and left naked in a jail cell.

Surveillance video shows Tabitha Gentry was left naked in a jail cell for seven hours. She said officers pepper-sprayed her through the door when she asked for her clothes, and they made her walk through the jail naked.

But officers say she was drunk and violent throughout the whole incident.

Today on “The Real Story,” Gretchen Carlson spoke exclusively with Gentry’s attorney Laura Landenwich.

Landenwich described the incident as “a humiliation tactic” and “had nothing to do with a legitimate law enforcement purpose or officer safety. It had everything to do with punishing her, with humiliating her and with asserting control over her.”

Her attorney went on the say that after Gentry was held without clothes for 30 minutes she started pounding on the door and officers subsequently pepper-sprayed into the cell. Forty minutes later Gentry was taken out of the cell, wearing minimal amount of clothing, to wash the chemicals out of her eyes and was exposed in front of officers and other inmates.

According to Landenwich, this type of treatment happens on a regular basis at the Floyd County Jail to both men and women – she has in turn filed a lawsuit.