In his monologue on The Five, Greg Gutfeld called out a misleading study from a pro-gun control group that claimed 74 school shootings have occurred since the Dec. 2012 attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The list and accompanying map was released by Everytown for Gun Safety, a group backed by by Michael Bloomberg.

It was reported by CNN earlier this week, but after journalist Charles C. Johnson started reviewing the attacks one by one, the network stated that actually only 15 of the incidents fit the profile of Sandy Hook.

The statistics were released this week on the heels of a 15-year-old Oregon high school student killing a fellow student in a locker room before taking his own life.

"The 74 lie comes from Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, which got there by counting all sorts of stuff. CNN took it apart, concluding there were 15, not 74, of these shootings. Before you say 15 is still too much - if that’s true, then why exaggerate? By inflating statistics, you magnify the distrust already present in a public who sense your fibs are leading to force. Distorting tragedy to push for sweeping reform prevents real progress in stopping madmen," Gutfeld argued.

Gutfeld noted that crime has been dropping for decades and the number of mass shootings has not gone up. He said many school shooters are motivated by "prior fiends" and are acting as "copycats."

"The desire for infamy - the same as fame in our sad culture - is handed out like free cheese from a mindless media who fail to see the connection. I do," said Gutfeld, pointing out the celebrity status granted to the accused Boston bomber when he appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Dana Perino noted that she heard the "74 school shootings" statistic cited in news reports three times while traveling the other day. Andrea Tantaros noted that the media "would rather not tell the story" about 73 shootings this week alone in Chicago and 34 in New York.

She argued that the media is more interested in taking convenient statistics "to scare parents so they can have their gun laws enacted."

Watch the monologue above and the discussion among Greg, Dana, Bob, Eric and Andrea.