American soldier Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is arriving back in the United States tonight, as new reports are surfacing as to why he left his post in the first place.

The Daily Beast website is reporting that it has new letters Bergdahl allegedly sent to his family in 2012 and 2013 while he was still in captivity – which cite poor leadership and bad living conditions as reasons for his decision to leave.

Family members and other officials have confirmed that they are handwritten and came from Bergdahl.

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The letters, rife with misspellings, express Bergdahl's dissatisfaction with conditions in his platoon. He wrote, “…tell those involved in the investigation that there are more sides to the cittuuation…the cermonstance from the beginning of my time in Afghanistan from immedet top to bottom where bad for troopers espeshly in my PLT.”

Former Army Specialist Cody Full and Army Sergeant Evan Buetow spoke with Megyn Kelly about their former platoon member.

“So now we know he deserted for a fact. He just admitted in these letters that he deserted,” Full said. “It was all rough on everybody there…and we decided to uphold our oath and still fight for our fellow Americans and not desert.”

Former Sgt. Buetow responded to Bergdahl’s remarks saying, “these letters just prove that he did desert and that everything that we have said is true.  There’s no excuse for what he did.”  

“I would like to see when the government knew these were delivered to his family,” Full said. “Whether it was a couple days ago or they knew at the time as the letters were sent a few years ago and I wonder if that would prove they knew the whole time he was a deserter.”

Buetow also went on to say that Berghdal showed no signs of mental instability during training and deployment. He described Bowe as “very smart, very articulate, a good soldier and always on time,” but added that those facts do not soften the situation.