With new insight on the 20th anniversary of the double homicide of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman, Greta Van Susteren interviews key players in the arrest and trials of disgraced former football hero O.J. Simpson. 

In this hour, Van Susteren investigates, reviews, and gives fresh insight into her exclusive 2004 Fox News interview with Simpson. We will hear new details from Tom Lange, the then-lead detective on the case for the Los Angeles Police Department, Dr. Michael Baden, who led the forensic analysis for the defense, and attorney John Q. Kelly, who won the $33.5 million judgment against Simpson in a wrongful death civil trial.

In the sneak peek above, legendary Associated Press correspondent Linda Deutsch gives her opinion on whether or not Judge Lance Ito lost control of the courtroom during the lengthy murder trial. Then, hear from forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden in the clip below.

Tune in to Fox News for the hour-long special on Friday at 7p/2a ET and Saturday at 10p/1a ET.