Las Vegas police have just released chilling video that shows shooters Jerad and Amanda Miller inside a Walmart just before their deaths. Trace Gallagher reported this afternoon that the new footage tells a different story than the one police told on Monday.

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Gallagher noted that Las Vegas Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill initially said Amanda Miller shot her husband, Jerad Miller, before taking her own life in what was believed to be a suicide pact.

Now, police say it was an officer's bullet that killed Jerad Miller. Before the video ends, a police officer is heard saying that 22-year-old Amanda is about to "405," which is police department code for suicide.

Police have also released details on a previous contact between 31-year-old Jerad and law enforcement over a suspended Indiana license.

Police had responded to a call after Miller threatened to shoot anyone who came to arrest him over the license. McMahill said authorities did not consider him a threat at that time.

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“No indication [was] provided by the suspects of their anti-police feelings,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill said Wednesday about Jerad and Amanda Miller, who died by police gunfire and suicide, respectively, after the duo's deadly shooting spree.

According to McMahill, in one instance in February, the Southern Nevada Counterterrorism Center said it had obtained information that Jerad Miller threatened the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in his home state of Indiana. McMahill said Miller threatened to shoot anyone who showed up to arrest him for having a suspended driver’s license.

At the end of a phone call, Miller said, "If they come to arrest me for noncompliance or whatever, I'm just going to start shooting people," according to agency spokeswoman Danielle Dean.

But after being confronted by police, McMahill said Miller walked back his remarks and authorities found no probable cause for arrest at the time. The case was later closed.

In another case, Jerad Miller and his wife, Amanda, provided voluntary witness statements about a report of battery-domestic violence.

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