A perfectly executed hidden ball trick helped land a Michigan high school baseball team a state championship. In the play, which you can watch above, Beal City High School pitcher Ty Rollin faked a pickoff throw to second base, and then the whole team pretended that the ball had gone into center field.

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The acting job even included Rollin throwing his hat to the ground in mock frustration, while the second baseman and shortstop both dove to the ground.

When the runner took off for third base, Rollin was there with the ball to tag him for the final out of the sixth inning. Beal City went on to beat top-ranked Muskegon Catholic Central 3-1 in the state's Division 4 regional finals.

Rollin, along with coach Brad Antcliff and center fielder Carson Salisbury, talked to Brian Kilmeade this morning about the unusual play.

The success of the play, which had already worked two out of three times, also relies on the center fielder, who must convince the runner that he's chasing the ball. Kilmeade asked about critics who claim that the play is "bush league" and unfair.

"It's part of the game. We didn't break any rules. We didn't do anything wrong. We just fooled them a little bit and there's nothing wrong with that. We're just having fun in our own way and helping ourselves win the game. I think it's fun," said Salisbury.

Antcliff said it's no different than a football team using a fake punt or field goal.

Check out the interview from Fox and Friends above.

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