Are Americans fed up with the Obama administration? With one controversy after another, Bill O’Reilly said the public perception is that the White House can’t administrate effectively. 

On "The Factor," Charles Krauthammer said President Barack Obama is governing without Congress. O’Reilly wondered whether the Obama administration can recover after the Bergdahl prisoner swap debacle.

Krauthammer said, “[Obama’s] got his own constitution that he’s operating under. He now regulates the entire health care system.”

The story that was missed among all the scandals, according to Krauthammer, is the climate change regulations.

“This is all about regulation, nothing in legislation,” he said. “He doesn’t need the Congress, which is going to revolutionize and put control of U.S. energy – which is the U.S. economy – in the Environmental Protection Agency. You want to run America? Don’t run for the presidency, get yourself head of the EPA.”

Krauthammer went on to slam the EPA regulations, saying they make Stalin’s five-year plans look like a picnic. Furthermore, he said that Obama has “set back the cause of liberalism” by overreaching and being incompetent, which leads to a “crisis of confidence.”

Warning that Obama is ruling the country like it’s a banana republic, Krauthammer concluded, “This guy is on autopilot and liberalism will suffer. However, so will the country.”

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