Laura Ingraham, who campaigned for Dave Brat, gave us some more reaction this morning to the conservative candidate's shocking primary win over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA). Many are branding the win as a major victory for the Tea Party, but Ingraham pushed back on that, saying that is "not quite accurate."

"Not one major Tea Party organization came out and endorsed Brat, supported Brat in any meaningful way. We had a difficult time getting the Tea Party groups and Brat connected. They basically told him, 'you don't have a chance.' They wrote him off," said Ingraham.

The Republican leadership now has to assess whether to keep Cantor as majority leader going forward.

"The establishment can either learn something from this or they can consign themselves to the dustbin of political history. Right now, looking at this race - [it's] historic, never happened in the history of American politics. To keep Eric Cantor in that position, as some John Boehner associates want to happen, would be beyond insane. You can't do that, not after this," said Ingraham.

She said in the end, Cantor came across as "very two-faced" on immigration, arguing that he has supported the DREAM Act and the ENLIST Act.

Ingraham says Tuesday's result may spell trouble for a potential 2016 presidential run by Jeb Bush, whom she described as looking "a lot weaker today than 24 hours ago" due to his positions on immigration.