In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly cautioned that Hillary Clinton should not discuss the issue of income inequality if she runs for president.

O’Reilly said the former secretary of state gets paid about $200,000 per speech and flies to speaking engagements in a private jet. She was also paid more than $10 million for her new book that she didn’t write, which is more than most Americans will ever make in their entire lifetime.

If Clinton runs, it will take away a big issue that the Democratic Party pushes to retain political power: income inequality.

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“Hillary Clinton might want to think about running for president on the Republican ticket. She’s obviously worried about taxes, obviously a hard worker, and she’s making Romney-type money in the free marketplace, is she not? Also, she doesn’t feel guilty about it – she’s a ‘1-percenter.’ She has far more cash than most Americans ever dream of having.”

If Clinton runs as a liberal Democrat and talks income inequality, Talking Points will be offended.

“If you really believe capitalism is distorted, a bad thing, […] then you can’t be vacuuming up the money, that would be hypocritical,” he said.

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Watch the memo in the video above.