Laura Ingraham, who campaigned for Dave Brat, tonight weighed in on his surprising Virginia GOP primary win. The Tea Party-backed challenger defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor this evening.

“This is a massive wakeup call to the Republican Party if they choose to wake up at this point,” Ingraham said, since much of the campaign centered on immigration reform. Brat has accused Cantor of being a cheerleader for amnesty.

If the GOP moves forward with immigration reform, Ingraham said “they will put a wedge down the middle of the Republican Party that will […] prevent Republicans from winning in 2016.”

‘Amnesty is Very Bad for the Country’: Coulter Talks Cantor’s Primary Loss

Cantor spent more than $5 million on his campaign, while Brat spent about $122,000.

“This is an amazing moment for the people […] these are the people who were outspent 22 to 1,” Ingraham said.

Hear more of her phone interview in the video above.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Loses Virginia GOP Primary