We’re hearing for the first time from the sick teenager at the center of a custody battle with the state of Massachusetts. Justina Pelletier was placed under state care over a year ago during a dispute between her family and officials over her medical diagnosis.

In the new video, above, Justina pleads Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA) and with the judge presiding over her case to let her go home. “All I really want to be with is with my family and my friends,” she says. “Please let me go home.”  

The battle began after doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital disputed an earlier diagnosis by Tufts Medical Center that Justina has mitochondrial disease, instead saying she has a psychological condition. Her parents tried to remove her from the hospital so she could receive treatment.

Lou and Linda Pelletier were accused of child abuse and Justina was placed in Department of Children and Families foster care. Months later, DCF now says the parents have met the conditions asked of them and are asking a judge to allow Justina to return home.

Dr. Keith Ablow, who has gotten to know the Pelletiers during this time, reacted to the latest news today on Outnumbered.

He worried that this could happen to any family and charged that, in his opinion, Boston Children’s hospital has a history of not respecting parental rights.

Hear more from Justina and Dr. Ablow above.

INTERVIEW: Pelletier Family Reacts After MA Takes Permanent Custody