Supermodel Petra Nemcova stopped by the Fox and Friends couch this morning to discuss her Happy Hearts initiative. It's coming up on 10 years since the Indian Ocean tsunami, which left her with serious injuries.

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The organization is dedicated to rebuilding schools in areas hit hard by natural disasters.

"Our goal is to commemorate [the tsunami] by building 100 schools in nine countries. So we want to actually make a new mark in history the same way the tsunami did, but this time much more positive," said Nemcova.

She was also asked for her take on Miss Indiana USA, who was praised during the Miss USA pageant for her "normal" body during the bikini portion.

"I think it's fantastic. Each person has a different body type. Some people are naturally skinny, some curvy. I think we have to celebrate all different shapes of the body. And the main thing is to be healthy. What's fit for one person is not going to fit the other person. So mainly be healthy and embrace your body type," she said.

Eventually, the conversation turned to the latest men's fashion fad - the "short-suit."

So, should Brian adopt this look for casual Friday?

"Nice socks," she responded, drawing some laughs from Elisabeth and Steve.

Check out the rest of Petra's response in the clip above.

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