A massive surge of illegal immigrants is creating a crisis at the Mexican border, and newly leaked photos reveal hundreds of immigrant children packed into detention centers. It's believed many of the undocumented immigrants are under the impression that if they get across to the U.S., they will not be sent back to their home country.

Many predict the problem will go from bad to worse. Officials say 6,560 unaccompanied minors crossed the border in 2011. This year, it’s estimated that the number will jump to more than 90,000.

Unlike Mexican citizens, illegal immigrants from Central America can’t be sent home; they must be turned over to HHS and are released to family and friends.

The enormous influx from Central America was covered extensively last night on The Kelly File, and this morning on Fox and Friends we heard reaction from Laura Ingraham, who called out the Obama administration and Republicans over the growing crisis.

“What is going on is an attempt to extort members of Congress into agreeing to a, quote, comprehensive immigration amnesty, which is what it is. So the Obama administration basically put out the welcome mat at the border. Come on in. We’ll feed you, house you, we’ll clothe you," said Ingraham, expressing concern that now illegal immigrants are being released without undergoing proper medical screenings.

She called out GOP House members Eric Cantor, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan specifically for arguing in favor of getting comprehensive immigration reform done quickly in response to what's happening.

"What does that say to all the people in Honduras today? Get here as fast as you can because the Republicans are in cahoots with the president, who allows this border to be a piece of swiss cheese. ... This is an ongoing invasion into our country and it's horrifying for our sovereignty and the rule of law."

Watch Ingraham's full analysis above, including her take on the recent Hillary Clinton interview on ABC.