A waitress was given the tip of a lifetime, only to have her boss refuse to let her keep it. Today on The Real Story, Gretchen Carlson spoke to that waitress, Shaina Brown.

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Brown was waitressing at the Waffle House in North Carolina, when a kind patron left a $1,000 dollar tip and $500 for a woman sitting nearby.

The Mother’s Day gift was even sweeter for Brown, who is a single mom with three kids and two jobs.  But after showing it to her manager, Brown was informed that she wouldn’t be able to keep the money due to the restaurant’s policies.

Waffle House said in a statement, “When a guest makes a tip of this size, it is our procedure to refund the tip amount and ask the guest to make the tip in either cash or a check. We follow this procedure in the event the customer decides to dispute the credit card charge and ask for a refund for the tip amount at a later date.”

Disappointed, Brown contacted a local reporter who sought out the generous customer. The man then asked to meet with Brown and handed her a personal check for $1,000 dollars.

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