TMZ reports that Justin Bieber attended bible study in New York City, culminating in getting baptized in a bathtub.

Greg Gutfeld said Bieber needs good press since “his on-tape racism makes Don Sterling look like Donny Osmond.”

“The Five” co-host said Bieber should just stop and be better.

VIDEO: Bieber Takes Jailhouse Sobriety Test, Does Push-Ups in Cell

“Step away and ask yourself – what is a good person? Then do that. It’s easy! Call your mom, wait your turn, be polite, drive the speed limit, keep the damn music down in your car, be a man,” he said.

“Decency these days is dull, and we mistake the opposite – adrenalized idiocy – for achievement,” Gutfeld said.

Watch the monologue and hear what the other hosts had to say in the video above.

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