The My America team traveled down to the Flora-Bama – a famous beach bar located right along the Florida-Alabama border. There they found a contest you'll only see in America – the Interstate Mullet Toss.

This morning on Fox and Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck brought us a look at this extraordinary event.

Everyone from professional baseball players, football players, and beachgoers can be seen hurling mullet fish across state lines for a chance at immortality. Contestants pay $15 for a toss, and they take their chance seriously. One man said he’s been training for years and practices throwing soap at home.

It’s not all fun and games. A recent study estimated that the Mullet Toss brings in $10 million for the state of Florida alone.

"It's more than a party and it's more than throwing a fish. What is though, is it's America. You have a hodgepodge of people from all walks of life, all different backgrounds, coming together for three days and everybody gets along," said John McInnis, one of the owners of the Flora-Bama.

He said nobody ever imagined what the event would turn into when it started three decades ago.

Watch the full video above, and check back on Fox News Insider for the latest My America installments.

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