Frustrated over Environmental Protection Agency regulations, one family decided to protest by creating their own version of the song “Let It Go” from the Disney movie, “Frozen.”

Regulating Puddles?! Judge Nap, Krauthammer Weigh In on 'Insane' EPA Water Rule

Some of the lyrics are, “That’s enough. That’s enough. The EPA and the Corps, they will try to justify. But we won’t back down. Don’t need more government anyway.”

The seventh generation farming family is fed up with the Clean Water Act. Kacey and Andy Clay, along with their three kids, joined Fox and Friends this morning.

Andy said, “We don’t understand why they’re overstepping their boundaries, in my opinion here. So that’s why we teamed up with Missouri Farm Bureau to make this video to try to bring awareness to the general public.”

Under the rules, small bodies of water will be regulated and people could be forced to pay up to $37,000 dollars a day without a permit.

Waiting for a permit could take a while, cutting into the short time they have to plant crops.

Watch the Fox and Friends interview above and the “Let It Go” parody below.  

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