Greta Van Susteren spoke with Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi by phone about his experience being jailed in Mexico.

Tahmooressi, who was recently moved to a different prison, said the new prison is “peaceful” compared to the last one, where he shared a crowded cell with 20 other people.

The Marine told Van Susteren that his ankles bled from cuffs that were made tight as a form of punishment.

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“They were angry with me, and everything they did to me was out of anger, and it was just another thing they did to kind of say, ‘Hey, screw you buddy,’” he said.

Tahmooressi didn’t ask guards to loosen the cuffs since he had asked for basic things, like water and to call his family, “and they weren’t having anything, they didn’t want to hear anything I had to say.”

Tahmooressi said he thinks he went 24 hours without water in the prison.

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