An Arkansas home was struck by an errant 155mm artillery shell from a nearby military installation. The incident occurred last week, though luckily no one was hurt.

The live-fire training was being conducted at Fort Chaffee by a Missouri National Guard unit. A commander at the base said he was relieved no one was injured, adding officials are "very passionate about ensuring this type of incident never happens again."

Watch the clip above from Fox and Friends, and read more information on the incident, via KHBS-TV:

Brian Martin and his wife, Donna, were not at home when the ammunition round hit their home. They said they were picking up pieces of shrapnel all day.

“(There are) holes in my roof that you could fit a coffee cup in,” Brian Martin said.

Martin said about half of the trees’ bases were disintegrated in the blast. The damage makes the couple question how safe things are.

“I never thought it would happen here,” Martin said.

The Missouri unit was ordered to halt training, and the incident is under investigation by officials from Fort Chaffee Joint Maneuver Training Center, Arkansas National Guard and the Missouri National Guard.