“Special Report” host Bret Baier was on “Media Buzz” Sunday to discuss his newly released book, “Special Heart.”

The book is the story of his son’s heart defects and his multiple surgeries. It contains correspondence to family and friends on Paul’s condition through the years.

Baier described writing emails to friends and family as “cathartic.”

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“I was reporting on our own situation,” he told Howard Kurtz.

Baier said that he and his wife decided to write the book because they thought it could help other families going through difficult times.

“Every family has something to bear, some tough thing, and we thought that by showing how we got out of our darkest moment that it could maybe help others,” he said.

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Today, Baier said Paul plays basketball, baseball, karate and is the tallest kid in his class.

“He’s fantastic,” Baier said. “He’s bouncing off the walls.”

Watch Baier discuss the book in the video above. Below, hear Baier respond to Fox News critics.