A man cuffed for cursing is suing police for $100,000, claiming that authorities violated his free speech rights.

Richard Pustovrh, 24, was arguing with his employers back in 2012 when they called police on him. Pustovrh repeatedly used a curse word, even after officers warned him not to. An officer then cuffed him, took him to a holding cell and charged him with disorderly conduct and obscene language, according to the complaint.

Pustovrh was found guilty, but the charges were withdrawn when he appealed. Now, he’s seeking $100,000 in damages.

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Pustovrh also has a rap sheet, pleading guilty to assaulting two family members in 2008 and to careless driving in 2012.

Today on “Fox and Friends,” attorneys Arthur Aidala and Jonna Spilbor agreed that cursing is not a crime.

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